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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
The Hero is getting way too much flak for how he handled the Demon King's advances in this episode.

The guy went into the Castle fully expecting to have an epic struggle with someone like Zelda's Ganon, and instead he was confronted by a female Demon King trying to seduce him. It's only natural that would give him a bad case of mood whiplash, and that he'd be a bit clumsy in psychologically "shifting gears" here
If I may add:
This didn’t appear in the anime, but even when Hero was caught off-guard by the unexpected “cuteness”, his resolve to slay the Demon Queen to make the world better is still strong. He only agreed to lay down his sword after DQ asked him to give her half a day to explain things, and if he doesn’t like what he's about to hear, DQ would let Hero to take her life. I guess that’s one important thing that didn’t make it into this episode.

PS: for anime-only watchers, refrain yourself from reading spoilers the best you can ^^.
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