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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Don't you think the fact that there WAS dust everywhere means that would have been the perfect cover for him to rescue his master from such a deadly trap, though? And like I said before, if Dofla's mastery of CoO is weak, then it's all the more fitting for Absalom to be Moria's savior.

And as far as the Straw-Hats' usage of haki is concerned..... while I do admit to being a little disappointed myself about the monster trio being the only ones to have awakened to their potential, it doesn't entirely surprise me, either. After all, Rayleigh told Luffy right from the beginning that not everyone is capable of awakening to their latent abilities no matter how many years they train. He even said that ordinarily 2 years wouldn't be long enough a time to train someone, as well:


Still, I do believe myself that at least a couple members outside the monster trio have the potential, and may be able to awaken their latent powers during the course of the journey. After all, I can't help but think that observation haki would be more than fitting for Usopp.....

I guess, but that means that haki is now going to be used like Newtype flashes or SEED and I don't know if I would completely buy into that, at least in OP anyway.

It's hard to have them awaken haki now and be adapt to the point they can use it effectively during the endgame if BB's crew do end up as end game.

One thing I like about OP is that while there are plot devices they usually logical given the premises of world view and when they are not logical they don't effect the main plot. But this could potentially turn into a mess if not handle correctly, god knows there were enough stupid debates on Gear 2 and 3 when it first serviced...
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