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Another volume, another SBS.... let's get this started!

Nothing earth-shattering this time either, I'm afraid.... but I do think there's still some interesting trivia here nonetheless. That being said, let's start off with one of the more interesting bits:

-We learn which foods are the Straw-Hats' LEAST favorite, and the reasons why they dislike them:

Luffy: That cherry pie from the bar in Jaya (for no particular reason)
Zoro: Chocolate (too sweet)
Nami: Orangettes (because fruits should be eaten fresh)
Usopp: Mushrooms (because he ate poison mushrooms in the past)
Sanji: Konnyaku (as it lacks nutrition)
Chopper: Anything spicy (since it's not sweet)
Robin: Gum (since it can't be swallowed)
Franky: Marshmallows (because they're not tough)
Brooke: Lemons (because he can't make a sour face, lol)
-Someone asks why Oda named Fujitora after the wisteria flower (the "Fuji" in his name), rather than using the more standard "murasaki" (Japanese for purple). Oda simply replies that "Fuji" sounds cooler. Something else interesting to note is that he draws a fake design for Ryokugyu (aka Green Bull, the other new admiral). It looks like Oda already has a good idea for the green admiral's design, and can't wait to draw him in the main story.....

-Someone points out that Zoro has never referred to Sanji by his name, always addressing him by insults. The fan then compiled a list of all of the names the two of them called each other throughout the series so far (credit goes to CCC from AP for this one, spoilered for size):


-We get the names of the Tontatta dwarves we've seen so far (credit goes to Bond en Avant from AP for this one):

Dwarves revealed:
Tonta Chief - Gancho
Tonta Soldiers' Leader - Leo
Vice Captains - Bonpa and Rambo
Flying Squad - Kabu-san and Bian (Odd that only Kabu-san has an honorific)
Other members - Flapper, Bobonpa (Bonpa's brother), Mousey, Nubon (or Newborn?), Beriini
Recon Squad - Inbel, Cotton, Wicca, Bakusukon, Daikon
Leo's Grandma - Gurabaa

-Robin carries Chopper's candy for him in her bag.

-Something about Oda making errors here and there with the "DEATH" tattoos on Law's fingers, but he blames it on Shambles, heh.

Also, some interesting art changes in the volume (credit goes to AP's Redon for this):

vol. 73
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And that's about it! BTW, that info about Usopp getting mushroom poisoning is something we already knew about for a long time..... recall he told Sanji about his experience with mushrooms way back in the Baratie arc. And so, until the next volume!
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