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My thoughts on those least favorite foods:

Luffy- The cherry pie. I bet Luffy would rather have meat pies instead. Hope he won't mind cherry flavored syrup spread on top (the kind that doesn't have cherry pulps in it).

Zoro- Chocolate. He should have dark chocolate. They're not as sweet as other chocolates.

Nami- Orangettes. How are they made?

Usopp- Mushrooms. No surprise there.

Sanji- Konnyaku. What is it exactly?

Chopper- Anything Spicy. His tongue must be sensitive like all the other animals.

Robin- Gum. How hard could it be to swallow gum?

Franky- Marshmallows. He ought to try cereal type marshmallows since they're not as soft in texture. Of course different factor could possibly because marshmallows might gum up his machinery.

Brook- Lemons. I bet he was eating lemons back when he had skin whereas now that he's a skeleton he'd probably gag.
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