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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
I don't know what you critics are talking about. That episode was great, especially all -- and I mean all -- the music. It seems to me you must have too-definite preconceptions of how certain songs should be sung. And if vocal perfection is so important, we might as well all listen to opera, and forget about pop music altogether. Pop music is about art and emotion, not about sterile technique. My apologies for going overboard, but you struck a nerve.

I thought May'N and Nakajima Megumi were wonderful singing together. They will be doing it live, too. Here is a pic of them rehearsing -- or maybe just playing around during rehearsal, I'm not sure (click to enlarge):

And in my opinion, there were plenty of developments in that episode, more than enough to allow us to enjoy a bit of rerun.

Inoue Kikuko is just excellent as Grace. And Endou Aya has such a beautiful voice playing Sheryl.
I take offense over your opinion on music on this post. Some voices do not work with some songs, at least in the way the songs are portrayed. There ARE versions that are better than others.

This reminds me of the Pop artists who go and remake classic Rock and Roll songs. Complete rip-offs that don't sound half as good as the originals. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

I think Sheryl wouldn't be able to bring out Aimo as well as Ranka and her mom could. However, Ranka obviously can't bring out DC as well as Sheryl can. It's how the songs are sung, and what the singers are capable of doing.
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