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Let me die

Ailing British teen refuses heart transplant

Coincidentally, Singaporeans have been debating our country's Advanced Medical Directive Act, which allows a person sign a legal document to inform his doctor that he does not want any extraordinary life-sustaining treatment, in the event he becomes terminally ill and unconscious.

Even though the AMD was passed into law in 1996, only 10,000 people out of a population of 4 million have signed such a document in the past 12 years. So, it seems that the majority of Singaporeans see no need for the AMD.

However, Singapore's health minister believes otherwise. Based on feedback he has received, and from the personal experience of his wife, who agrees with the philosophy behind the AMD but hasn't yet signed one, he concluded that there are other factors holding people back.

Namely, the moral objection to what seems, at first blush, to be legal support for euthanasia.

Archbishop says NO to euthanasia
Although I'm in Japan, I was in Singapore for some time before, just about the time the current health minister stepped in.

Now what he's doing, on one hand, (at least to him and MOH) is to reduce suffering of patients with terminal illness... BUT what if just a little later after, a new cure for the ailment appears? I know of a case of someone with osterocoma - he almost went for an amputation - then they found out that liquid nitrogen can stop the disease, especailly since it wasn't the final stage yet. Close call, huh?

Besides, I don't think life is something we can play with. Our lives are intertwined with others. Our decisions affect others - even from non-religious view. Apparently, almost all major religions (except Hinduism and Haruhiism) in Singapore are against it. That should give some idea of public's views.
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