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Originally Posted by ShimatheKat View Post
BUT what if just a little later after, a new cure for the ailment appears? I know of a case of someone with osterocoma - he almost went for an amputation - then they found out that liquid nitrogen can stop the disease, especailly since it wasn't the final stage yet. Close call, huh?
In Hannah's case, what if the heart transplant fails to cure her? More years spent in hospital, instead of living life as normally as she can. Tough luck, huh?

Besides, I don't think life is something we can play with. Our lives are intertwined with others. Our decisions affect others - even from non-religious view.
I agree. Particularly if it's someone else's life. What gives me the right to decide for him? Or worse, to force him to accept my decision?

Apparently, almost all major religions (except Hinduism and Haruhiism) in Singapore are against it. That should give some idea of public's views.
Actually, there is a subtext to the debate that is mainly of interest only to Singaporeans. In my view, there is a curious situation here today, where some of our politicians appear to be getting too progressive for many people's liking. Not surprisingly, the conservative backlash will usually be led by prominent religious groups.

I'm not too fond of religion. But that's just me, of course.
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