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Originally Posted by ShimatheKat View Post
No, actually, that's not my point.
I beileve that life is God's gift to man. We are here as transit passengers to either heaven or hell. That's 'bout it, really, as far as I'm concerned.
It actually is the point. Due to your religious beliefs you may not believe in living as long as possible simply for the length of time's sake, but you believe in taking action to avoid ending life. There's nothing wrong with that.

I'm not clear on how you would feel if people were, say, taken off of medications that were crucial for them to live - that would essentially be giving them a death sentence that could take weeks to months to be fulfilled. That's my own curiosity, though, and I'm sure it varies from person to person even among those who share the same belief as you.

But some doctors don't feel comfortable turning down a request like that, especially in Japan, as it is regarded as a lack of respect for the patient, if the doctor does so. This is another dilemma.

Maybe this is where East Asia and the West differ - respect plays an important aspect in life. It's a Confucian thing, really. With 1/4-Japanese background, I can understand. (and this 1/4 actually dictates my surname, since it's my grandfather on my father's side which has the Japanese line - the rest are either German or Brit)
Respect may be a bigger issue in Asia, but the West does not have a lack of ethical dilemmas in the healthcare industry.
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