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Alright, I finished reading up to chapter 2. A catalog of abnormalities:

Chapel structure
The original chapel doesn't have an entrance hall, a waiting room, or an honored guest room. Not only have events been spliced into this world, but it looks like bits of the mansion have been grafted onto the building too. Like Will said, this game board shouldn't be mistaken for anything remotely like a proper world.

Rosa's testimony
According to Rosa, after Beato died, she ran through the forest until stumbling across a familiar lion statue. Eva immediately assumes it's one of the ones in front, but Rosa corrects her and says it was behind the chapel.

The emphasis on the discrepancy is odd. What's the narrative point of there being another lion statue behind the chapel? Was it moved around to the front in the intervening years?

Will crashing Shannon
Shannon said that the person who ordered that only one servant be at the reception desk at a time is "the person who has the authority to give me orders", but for some reason couldn't reveal who that was. Then when Will said he wanted to speak with that person, she said: "Negotiating with that person is impossible. They have the authority to give us orders." It sounds like Will is included in "us", so I'm guessing that the person in authority must be the game master, Bernkastel.

Then did Shannon lock up when threatened with the spectator's authority because Bern had laid down a red truth to keep her and Kanon from being seen together?

Shannon's demeanor
At the beginning of her talk with Will, she seemed very nervous about the whole Leon problem and wanted to know what was going on. But as soon Will started asking for Kanon, it was like someone flipped a light switch, and all of a sudden she was cheerful. And after the lockup, she didn't show a trace of tension while talking with Leon, and seemed to have completely forgotten her earlier conversation with Will.

Is it possible, in this screwed-up patchwork world, that she was being directly controlled by one of the witches to shut down Will's interrogation?
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