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Originally Posted by Rias View Post
Lion not knowing Shannon/Kanon in the beginning makes sense, given the back story of who Lion is.
I know, since happy-world Lyon never lived in Fukuin. However, if Shannon and Kanon were servants at the mansion, then Lyon should know them. This is why I said I find it confusing. I'd just settle with saying that Shannon and Kanon (i.e. the ones we know) never really existed and that they were Yasu's creation. However, if they're Yasu's creation, then Shannon and Kanon shouldn't exist in Lyon's world. Now, I could always take that as meta-shenanigans, but whilst it was impossible for Will to see Shannon and Kanon together, thus heavily implying Shkanon, there was no problem if he saw Lyon along with any of them.

The only explanations I could come up with would be that since Lyon and Yasu lived different lives, they are different people, thus Will can see Lyon together with Shannon or Kanon, because Lyon isn't the one who created them, and the Shannon and Kanon we saw in Lyon's world are not real. That, or Shkanon and Lyon/Yasu are different people altogether (i.e. they don't share the same body).
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