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Originally Posted by ion475 View Post
Of course, there's always Toaru series where everyone knows that Biribiri is the only "popular" pair and the rest are "unpopular" despite its huge amount of characters...
Only three girls are 'Maidens in love' with him... And yes, I'm not going to count all 9968 other clones.

Unless the term 'Harem' somehow change to mean any girl that speaks to him...

Originally Posted by Eater of All View Post
Or we can call it a niche pairing. It doesn't imply any repulsion, only low attraction.
Niche sounds good, or uncommon, lesser known... etc.

Originally Posted by KholdStare View Post
So new topic.

SG550 so moe! Discuss.
Never! This argument of semantics is more interesting !
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