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Hmmm... don't really see any surprises as to who won against who. As for by how much some challengers won, that may be a different story.

- Kanade and Sena were convincing in their wins, but with the help of Kore wa Zombie, Euu was also convincing in the nova group.
- Nice win for the Araragi Sisters
- Last Order and Shouko with close wins
- Tosaka got a bit stronger with a win over Kyou
- Kobato, Ruri, Nadeko, Charlotte, Matou and Kanade are winning their matches as well. (Let's see if Matou can continue to distance herself from her record last year.

As for Homura seeded at the top, The seeding match among the Preliminary 1 challengers had quite a few challengers from the same series (Sena & Kobato for example). Homura took advantage of not being split.
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