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Originally Posted by crayven View Post
I honestly don't think Zessica is going to die at the end. A lot of hints from previous episodes like her complete trust in Amata and having him accompany her in the dark point to her getting saved from Mykage eventually. And I'm still not sure how Zessica can do anything on her own to expel Mykage from her body now. Assuming that letting go of her love is the way to get rid of Mykage (a big if), I doubt she can get over her deep love for Amata which has been built up for nearly two thirds of the show in merely two episodes. That would be absurd.
I suppose Fudo might be able to do something to expel Mykage from Zessica's body. But when has Fudo ever shown actual care or concern for Zessica?

Every way I can think of for Zessica to come out of this alive involves a complete asspull (such as what you mentioned about her quickly getting over Amata - like flipping a light switch - in two episodes or less!).

Zessica's at a point now where she actually needs crappy writing in order to stay alive.
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