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Originally Posted by zibi88 View Post
The moment he took the "human modification tech" made him less of "normal human" but my point is that them doing something that will turn his look back to that of his human self... white skin, dark hair ect. (like how kurumu stopped tsukune when he was full black... skin cracked and he returned to human look)

So kinda eliminate the black skin, mutated arm, small wings from back (not fully grown) so girls would have their more human looking tsukune to cuddle and hug
Of course, something is going to happen, that will cause Tsukune to go back to a more "human" like form - although, I doubt that he's going to look the same, as he did, before this incident, since I believe that this incident has caused some changes to occur within Tsukune's body, which will be slightly reflected in how his "human form" is going to look like, after this incident.

Originally Posted by zibi88 View Post
And I wonder about something... what if tsukune will get some of alucards memories via the blood or synhro ! Tsukune when fighting akua... had this "vision" of akua standing in a field of flowers crying.... chapter later akua had the flashback of looking at Jasmine in the same flower garden.... so it was more like tsukune looking at akua throught jasmines eyes (or from her point of view)

Like alucard killed her mother/sister but some memories still flow in that blood... it would be interesting if tsukne experianced some memories of alucard himself... like how his transformation happened to this did he look before all started.... kinda to see what was the missing part on alucards side that made him transform into this thing now
While, I think that it would be pretty interesting to see what has caused Alucard to become the thing that he currently is, considering the current arc's length, and that, in my opinion, Ikeda is slowly ... trying to bring this arc to it's conclusion - I think that the possibility of something like that occurring, is pretty low...
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