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1.)First of all, I would be really frustrated, if Tsukune managed to defeat Alucard, in the current arc.
I agree. Tsukune would be really be overstretching himself to be able to beat Alucard after so little experience and training. If the nearly immortal Akasha couldn't do it, and Tsukune could, then it would destroy her ability to be a "Returning Heroine" plot device.

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I think this topic, might have been already resolved, is caused by the fact that the "sealing" part of Moka's Rosario has been broken, a few chapters ago, and you should remember, what happened the last time, something like this occurred - although, at that time, it has been mentioned that the seal hasn't been "completely" broken - the current situation is different, in the sense that I think the seal has been "completely" broken this time, so even if Outer Moka is still "alive" within the Rosario, her "connection" with Inner Moka and her body, might have already been severed, with no way of "repairing" it.
I agree too, for slightly different reasons. I think Omote knew her purpose all along was to protect Ura and she's done exactly that for as long as possible. Also, given the complete collapse of Ura-chan's cold exterior over the past couple of chapters (cue the crying and TSSSUUUKKKUNNNEEE!), Omote's monopoly on the caring, cute side has been erased. I think that Ura-chan has picked up more than a few personality traits from Omote and although no physical merging has taken place, it would seem like it once Ura starts to fully let the caring side come out in day to day life. Finally, the plot has become far more serious, and Omote would feel like a fish out of water compared to the other lead and supporting characters, who have the ability to fight and defend themselves. Also, Ura had previously said to Tsukune that a situation had arisen from his indecisiveness, and that he would have to make a choice. It seems that the choice has been taken out of his hands....

The one thing I would like to see over the next few chapters would be Kokoa's character development realised. Considering she's just gone toe to toe with Kahlua, the one person who left her feeling terrified, she's very much stepped out of the shadow of her older sisters, considering she was getting the upper hand in the fight. I think she has managed to remove her own metaphorical "seal/limiter" and she could become a key player.

Most of all though, it would be good to see Moka acknowledge Kokoa's achievement. All throughout the story, Kokoa has only ever wanted to stand equal with Moka - it would make for a heartwarmer to see Moka tell her she has nothing left to prove to her.

I think the story could benefit from that, and Kokoa disowning Gyokouro forever, especially after instructing Kahlua to kill her! It always seemed to me that Kokoa actually liked Akasha as a mother anyway, and her sisterly relationship with Moka was far stronger than anything she could have hoped for with Kahlua.
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