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Hi all,

I've decided here, after nearly two years, to take the custom build of MPlayer built by Nonezumi and I offline - the build linked in the first page of this thread. The reason? We haven't maintained it for a while now for various reasons, and also (and primarily!) that the newer MPlayer Extended by anime_layer has really filled the gap that we were trying to bridge - that of giving people a nice, comfortable and usable MacOSX native video player, with styled subtitles and fast decoding. Kudos to him, indeed - the old build location now redirects to Extended.

It's been a fun ride, but it's time to close... I say that even now, looking at my transfer stats, which show me that there are still people downloading our build even now - indeed, looking over time, cumulatively our build has been downloaded some twelve thousand times, with nearly fifty gigs of traffic over the almost two years of availability. Not too shabby for something distributed by a fan forum, that only jumped to Intel after a year of life, and has been languishing, stable, but not updated, for quite some time - the file is still getting around ten downloads a day. :S

Thanks everyone, for the fun, even with some of the exasperating questions . Glad it proved useful. ^^

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