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Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
Yes Comartemis, I know very well people like Wild Goose when they are in a "Moderator wanna be" mode, for people like them, is that decided to get away of the OC thread

I'm just saing that you sound really agressive whne demanding 9taileddemon to post probs to backup his arguments hwne he was just tring to help
Of course I sound aggressive. 9 is more or less saying "Canon (or at the very least, the most widely-accepted interpretation of it) is wrong, this is what I think is right" without offering up any reasons as to why he interprets this portion of the series differently.

I would ask the same question of someone who read the novel and decided it was canon and tried to tell me that TSAB forcibly recruits mages off of Non-Administrated Worlds. "Prove it according to the anime. Where do you see evidence of this and how do you respond to the prevailing opinion/interpretation?" Perhaps there was a bit more venom in my tone than was necessary, but I would still like to see 9 back up his claims regardless.

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