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Originally Posted by Jimmy C View Post
The impression I get from the episode was that opposition to the Dam Project was weak and defused early. As a result, hate and resentment didn't build up to the point of driving the dam construction workers beserk. So no murder.
Spoiler for :

Originally Posted by Jimmy C View Post
It's actually more than that from what I've heard. But we don't know if it will be mentioned in the next episode, so let's not talk about it now. You can find some of the details in other discussions here. The common theme within Reina and Satoko's backgrounds should be enough of a clue.
Well, that seems like the most logical cause (at least for me), but because that's not twisted and complicated enough (and it would leave K1 fanboys out at the beginning of the season especially), I wouldn't be surprised if the reason why he's not here is something else. I'm avoiding spoilers like a plague, so as I said I may be totally off about everything .

Originally Posted by Jimmy C View Post
I'd speculate that, without Miyo around, Mifumi spent the last of his resources to establish the clinic as a cover for limited personal research after his backers walked out on him. It looks like he didn't manage much progress before dying and his research died with him.
I agree, your theory actually sounds more reasonable.
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