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Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
Anyway, it's not that his annoying or anything, just that every other character, especially his mom, Haqua, and Elsie are far more interesting to watch
Ok I guess it can't be helped if you don't like him that much... but then without him, the other chars surely wouldn't be as fun to watch.

Originally Posted by Bafflement View Post
That's largely because they dragged it out a lot, so there seemed to be much more standing around than in the manga. I think it would have been better to finish with the loose soul in the first half of the episode, and have the [...] for the rest.
Fixed and totally agreed.

Originally Posted by Ryuutai View Post
Keima in the anime is not great as much as he is in the manga. End of the story.
If you want to see Kami-sama's true greatness, you have to read the manga.
Yeah, Keima is better in the manga but I don't think Malkuth's general opinion would be changed, heh.
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