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It was a nice change to see Kobato is causal clothing, she looked so cute The scene when she was changing clothes right in front of Kodaka was rather awkward, but then again, thats what makes Kobato who she is, a pretty, funny, unique character XD

And once again, my favorite character Maria is left humiliated again, not that I didn't enjoy seeing her cutenesss when running around naked with joy XD I have to admit, she is adorable when happy. Seeing Kodaka always makes her happy which makes me smile :P Alas, being a disple of God, she was sadly punished in the end XD Poor Maria, sniffling with that sign on her as she sat on her knee's. Curse you Yozora!

Speaking of Maria...

Spoiler for Maria:

When Rika was wondering what she should wear to seduce Kodaka and all those images came up, I wouldn't mind seeing her in all of them

The bus ride was pretty funny, especislly with Rika somehow getting sick and aroused at the same time XD

As for the ending, it was pretty sorrowful. When Kodaka said "She still hasn't changed" thats what they were all thinking about on the bus, that Yozora hasn't accepted them as friends and is still the same as before. At least, thats what I think :P

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