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Originally Posted by TheEroKing View Post
tbh i doubt many people care about Maria

Kobato on the other hand...

Spoiler for Highly NSFW:

I agree best episode so far... had exactly the right amount of Kobato and her side-kicks that make her look cuter than my former pet as well as saccharine-overload Kana-chan VAing makes her, to much to bear

Also better have an 11/10, because the cup-size boost that Kobato got in that screen-shot makes me wish to see Feyris

Also Rika commentingtwisting Yozora's words is just perfect, exactly reflecting my thoughts

Oh! and to fuel the Sena vs. Yozora flamers lurking... Sena once more got so disappointed that there was no opportunity to get scolded by Yozora or Kodaka, in addition to out of all the persons that Yozora could mail, she picked Sena to show her failure

Finally, sister Kate made her first appearance...

PS: first part I read recently in Megami... WTF?

PS2/Question: Why did Kodaka take tickets for adults

PS3: Yukimura... OMG! ...

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