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@ Senpai - The way Allen died is the same way Irish nearly dies in the Mondo Grosso defense: A stab in the stomach area. This is one of the main reasons he lost his memory, his psyche couldn't handle remembering what happened and it happening at the same time.

The mental block is from the Trauma at the camp. Also, if she looks deeper she'll see that he lacks memories from before 7 years old which will no doubt cause questions. The rest is just because of his natural resistance to the supernatural.

Side note - Allen dies in the flashback chapter, The terrorist break happens as he's dying and he sees his kid bro joining the group. His death takes a while since the group tries to help him but they can't and the last thing he hears is: "Alright kid, let's call you 'Irish' then". Too bad he's trying to stop him from joining but he's too weak to say anything.
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