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Originally Posted by Sheba View Post
What weed do people smoke to see hype? If there was hype it had been pretty toned down compared to the past, I guess the fans learned from the past productions of this studio to lower this hype.

Seriously what hype? The first couple of pages have been cautious expectations, RAEG for not animating more Haruhi, MOAR RAEG for looking like K-on, MAXIMUM RAEG for having a boring trailer and a few people trying to give posters informations about the anime and the original novels, thanks to that one guy, we do know to NOT expect CSI or Se7en with highschoolers. So yeah, what hype? The couple of positive impressions that somehow get blown out of proportions by the usual suspects? Oh please.
Oh, there is plenty of hype. Negative hype, that is.
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