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Well, I have no studio's bias usually, except for DEEN. So I have just watched the PV expecting nothing more and nothing less of what the PV would have showed me. The very first thing that stood out, even more than the very good art style, has been the music: how to take one of the most beautiful classic pieces and waste it. Not very promising. Even worst of Another OP choice. I didn't like the off-screen voice either. Wrong pace maybe? Mix them together and ... boom Having said that, I really like the art design, but the PV didn't focus on the mystery side of the story, and I found it suspicious enough to think that I haven't to expect much from that front. To be honest I'm not expecting anything from that front.
Anyways, this could be better, I mean having no expectations, because it is not unusual that series I'm finding very promising end to be no good (Papakiki, I'm looking at you) and vice versa :gattai: So, who knows? Maybe they are downplaying it deliberately (half joking ).

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