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A bit bored... so I'm just gonna replot fourzeXIS xover.

After the events of their second year of highschool, Gentarou tries to reactivate the damaged Fourze system. The backlash fom his past reckless duel sends him flyng into a vortex of cosmic energy. He awakens to a world muh like his own but different. Society is matriarchal and mechanical exoskeletal armor called Infinite Stratos are coveted and lorded over each other to symbolize power and glory of a country. He is taken in by the ISA, an organization/school that generally trains future IS pilots, but really acts as a police that keeps the balance of power. There, he learns that 38 of his 40 astroswitches were lost during his journey to this world.

Someone has taken them and is using them to manufacture weapons which have been shown to be effective against IS. Even so far as to power IS offshoots. The astroswitches are considered dangerous and therefore ISA plans to collect them. Gentarou proclaims that he will participate in this switch hunt. Because these astro switches are mementos of a friend's father.

The enemies will mostly be people who have been given IS frames with closed forms. Special systems were built to be used in conjunction with the astro switches called cosmic computers. These handle most IS related functions in place of IS cores.
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