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Again, thanks as always to Renato (at MacrossWorld) for catching a few things I left out and fixing some errors.

#09 - Friendly Fire
It's a basic fact that new idols have to hand out tissues on the street (laughs). It was determined from the beginning that each episode would be a "character episode." The truth is, because we had decided that Michel would lose his life in the 1st cour [Translator's note: a "cour" is a season of 13 episodes], we put his story here. But he turned out to be a better character than we had expected, so we extended his life. Also, we really wanted to see giant Klan give him a slap.

#10 - Legend of Zero
The "movie within a movie" has been done many times throughout Macross so far, but Ranka playing the role of Dr. Mao, thus overcoming her heart's hurdle, while crossing "Macross Zero" and Protoculture, and also crossing the dimensions, gave me the chills while working on it. I'm digressing a little here, but I somehow still think that Miranda, the actress chosen to play Sara, was miscast (laughs).

#11 - Missing Birthday
To Alto, life is a three-answer multiple choice test (laughs). With Ranka's real debut, she and Alto quickly begin to miss each other [Translator's note: this is "miss" in the sense of a "missed call"]. Apparently (Megumi) Nakajima-san got fan letters asking things like, "It's unusual to sell so well right after your debut, isn't it?", but according to her, "It was real." Nakajima-san says that her life really did drastically change immediately after her debut.

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