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Here's the next group. Again, all episodes are listed as being written by Yoshino. Kawamori is credited (along with someone else) for storyboards for episode 14.

#12 - Fastest Delivery
This episode is really focused around Ranka singing "Seikan Hikou." Anyway, the really charming point here is the "Kira!☆" Animation director Takahashi (Yuichi) watched a lot of choreography videos in order ot animate this scene well, and I think it made a strong impression. And of course, the first audience to hear Ranka's singing is Zentradi.

#13 - Memory of Global
In this episode, the heartwarming mood of the first half, as Alto enters the Global, expands in a heartbeat in the second half into something much harder. And finally, Alto, having wished to fly in a real sky, of course finds joy in flying his Valkryie in the atmosphere. This episode crosses the halfway point of the series, and moves towards the second half, as Sheryl's sickness and Grace's conspiracy come to the forefront.

#14 - Mother's Lullaby
An all-out attack by the Vajra, and the war intensifies. This episode is the turning point for the war getting larger, but we also wanted to show that Grace is still lurking in the shadows. Ranka's power is revealed, and Sheryl's standing and position changes. Mylene was special, but Sheryl is the first diva to fly a Valkyrie in this series. Even though she gets shot down almost immediately (laugh).

Spoiler for Japanese Text:
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