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Yeah, I guess Isana would know about the Dream world and all that, which is nice I guess, I'm not that big on the whole masquerade thing especially when it's to someone as close as her. Speaking of that, I agree, Isana is very adorable, and she shows good traits in being a childhood friend that she actually knows and understands Yumeji, and really being a good friend. What's more, I'm happy that with the whole 'Isana may have known Merry before' she will still play a part in the story, and not just being a spectator.
ch33 is out. Some things are clarified about those who witness Nightmares and make it out alive. The passage of time is different for dreams and the real world. When epople wake up form the dream, they will feel like everything has happened in an instant and gradually forget about the experience because it seemingly happens so quickly.

Isana barely remembers, but Yumeji decides to tell her anyway, and... oh my god, Isana is the most adorable, lovable girl I have ever seen.
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