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Originally Posted by Silver_Scorcher
As well as the Wing Gundam, and Wing Zero.
How exactly? Dreadnought Gundam looks more like Wing than Freedom.

Originally Posted by Halie
acualy the first time I saw Freedom I thought OMG they copied the double X.
I've heard this one, but I don't much buy into it. Superficially, sure, sort of. The wings function very differently though. DX's wings are for collecting energy for the DSC. Freedom's wings are presumably for flight, they also don't glow like DX's. DX only has 6 wings where Freedom has 10.

As for Justice and Super Gundam....I don't see it. In design, the back units have a vaguely similar purpose. However, the G-Defensor was designed so that Mk. II could hold up against the swarm of advanced suits that the Titans were throwing out. The Fatum-00 sub-flight lifter [which is based on the Guul sub-flight lifter] was designed to allow Justice to fly in atmosphere. Both units add a bit of weaponry to their respective suits, but I would assume that's natural to avoid the pack being dead weight. It also bears noting that Justice was designed with the Fatum pack already integrated. G-Defensor was a stop-gap made well after the original design was made to keep it a bit further from obsolecense.

When it comes to copying designs, it really becomes a moot issue. After 25 years, how "original" can anything in Gundam truly be? There is constant repetition of theme, character, and mechanics.

Most often when people complain about "copying" or "ripping off" it is not only superficial, but not comprehensive. Such as the DX/Freedom comparison. The only thing I see is the wings and they aren't that much alike. It's usually one element that two designs have in common and the design that was made second is considered a rip-off. It's fairly short sighted to miss the unique characteristics that distinguish one suit from another in order to harp on the similarities that a suit might share with another suit.
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