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Why would the position of "Mayor" be passed down in one "demon family" instead of being elected? It's a large city, and yet the town council or whatever is a bunch of kids working from a shed? How/why did the demons suddenly come there in the first place? And I'm still left wondering where this show is even going...
and why would they reveal every single detail in 3 episodes?
you didn't like the admittedly heavy handed lengthy exposition at the beginning of episode 1, but expect them to have answered everything by episode 3?

as far as i've seen they've accomplished as much as can be expected.
they introduced a group of characters that are interesting enough so far to want to know more about, an interesting enough setting to see them romp about, and a potential main major villain for them to oppose.
in other words, in 3 episodes they've laid out the hooks and we have 9 episodes to see what the catch is. thats pretty much where they should be.
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