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Since this conversation is getting a little pointless (and is looping), I'll step aside. But first, a few quick points:

Originally Posted by Yoko Takeo View Post
However, he was prepared to show his face to another Sharingan user, but it's quite likely Sasuke doesn't exactly know what Madara looks like.
Sasuke fought on the head of he should know what he looks like .

Originally Posted by Yoko Takeo View Post
I can understand why he doesn't want to fight someone like Kabuto. But what of Naruto, Kakashi and their team when he confronted them?
Madara was stalling for time. That is all he was there for. It was not his job to acquire the Kyuubi, nor did he even care about Naruto (at the fact he still doesn't). The entire reason Madara was even out and about was to get Sasuke.

Originally Posted by Yoko Takeo View Post
He cannot control Naruto, but he can control the Kyuubi's chakra. Remember that Sasuke entered Naruto's consciousness and supressed Kyuubi basically with the flick of a finger. I'm quite certain Madara could do much more than that if he tried. The point is that he didn't.
Again, no. Suppressing the Kyuubi when it is actively working within Naruto is not the same as when Naruto is not using the Kyuubi's chakra. Naruto was not using the Kyuubi's chakra against Madara/Tobi, so there was nothing Madara could have done (in regards to the Kyuubi's chakra in Naruto). It would like turning off the water supply when the faucet was already turned off - no difference.

Originally Posted by Struggler View Post
"Tobi" is a pun on 10-tails. This isn't a coincidence but is meaningful. Tobi is 10-tail's personality/will...
I mentioned this in a chapter thread not that long ago. I was going to include it as one of the poll suggestions, but felt that it might be too spoilerific for those anime fans that might accidentally click on this thread...

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