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Originally Posted by Emilis View Post
Disregarding evidence for Obito=Tobi, I could see Tobi being the will of the 10 tails, except if that were the case, what would frighten him in the box? I mean if he's something that sinister and powerful, why would he care if it's revealed he's not Madara... in fact, why pose as Madara in the first place?
I think he pose as Madara because he is planning something...... I dont know what but we'll just have to wait..... I think Tobi's plan will "WOW" us in the futute.... like we will be saying "wow,so thats why..."

again..... you guys are forgetting kabuto's lines.... "Relax, I wont tell anyone"

which means that inside the box is not a very powerful person but to reveal something that tobi doesnt wanted to be revealed.....

again... what will happen if he was revealed that he was not Madara??

- It will destroy his plan of course.....
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