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^ I am actually very shocked that you manage to do as well as you do with the Churchill VII without using the sidescrape maneuver. Going hulldown in the Church VII with it's flat armor means you'll get penned by most tanks at Tier 6, or you should at least. Sidescrape is by far generally viewed as the most effective way to utilise the entire Churchill series. The only exception may be the Black Prince, with over 200mm effective armor around much of its turret.

And I stand by my stance that the Churchill VII is broken with regards to its hitbox and its mudguard vulnerability. This issue with regards to its hitbox was apparently a problem previously with the Maus as well.

EDIT: Then again, looking at your stats .. you're just better than me by far, which doesn't change the fact that .. adjusting for skill, the Churchill VII is still busted!
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