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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
I choose the best of both worlds: I'm the one who spots and snipes.

I'm not sure facing an entire front by yourself in a StuH configuration is considered sniping. Nor is combat within 200 meters. (XP bonus! Apparently it is stated to be a small bonus, but some recent testing seems to indicate it is significant..) Admit it, you're brawling!

The description in the wiki is unclear on this point, but it seems to state that if you are doing damage to a target that others are spotting for you, you get "full XP" .. although recently some individuals have been trying to test this and anecdotally it seems to not be true.

Alongside this random bit of info, in relation to the Sidescrape discussion previously, here's a nice visual reminder of why angling is important. This is based on 100mm of armor vs. "effective armor"

Impact Angle / Effective Armour Thickness
0 - 100%
10 - 101.54%
20 - 106.42%
30 - 115.47%
40 - 130.54%
50 - 155.57%
60 - 200%
70 - 292.38%
> 70 - Ricochet
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