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I disagree with you all.
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I think there are two kinds of like/dislike we aren't separating properly here...

One is the like/dislike of... I'm not sure how to say this... personal qualities? For example, you can, IRL, like nice people, or people who like rock'n'roll, or whatever. And that taste will show in what anime characters you like (or dislike).

The other is the like/dislike for the role they have in stories. As in, do they make the story Cool, or Stupid. For example, if, in GS3 ep1, Son Goku arrives from the DBZ universe, destroys the Earth and Plants with his bare hands, and goes back home - it'll make the story Stupid, and we'll all start disliking Son Goku for reasons which have nothing to do with his personality.

I look at Lacus with the first point of view, and that's why I like her: she's nice, soft spoken, idealistic, determined, and so on. All qualities I find admirable in RL people.

As for the second point of view: it's true that her plans Just Work, when they ought to get her killed. But:
1) I don't care, because I'm not watching Gundam for a lesson in strategy or politics. If I wanted that, I'd read history books.
2) When that sort of thing happens, and I care, I blame the writer(s), not any specific character of theirs. I don't say "this character sucks", I say "the story sucks".
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