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Originally Posted by The Joiner
While the issue was addressed in the ASTRY books, that wasn't really the point. Why send him to PLANT? The trip there would be long, and even if Kira was stable, if something went wrong on the flight there would be no way to fix it on the shuttle. Not to mention the inherent danger of being caught. What are they supposed to say if an EA ship bords them and finds an injured coordinator on board, especially with Blue Cosmos in control of a good bit of it by this point? They didn't have to involve any of the nations, there is this little place called the hospital . . .

Whatever the size of her ambition, the fact is that she never really slipped up in such a way that it hurt her. My point was to show that Alexander the Great was not as perfect or infalible as 4tran made him out to be. He was brilliant, but he wasn't infalible. As for the delgation arguement, Alexander delegated too, to his military governors. Remember what happened to them?

First of all, a page or so back, you used Kira's defeat of a single Destroy to show that Lacus wasn't a GameShark. Now you're saying that the defeat of five Destroys isn't a feat worthy enough to consider Shinn a skilled adversary. Which is it? Either one Destroy is a feat difficult enough to be worth of the great Kira, or five Destroys is easy enough that even the "unworthy" Shinn can accomplish it.

Second, see above.

Third, what do you mean, ultimate evil? The EA was portrayed as being the ultimate evil in GSD. The EA was ruled by racists and weapon merchants. The EA's goal was to kill every last coordinator. The EA built the Destroys and Requem, not to mention trying to nuke PLANT early on. ZAFT and Dullindal, evil though they might be, were portayed at several points as being simply misguided. (The episode 29 clip show, for example) The Clyne faction fought the EA three times in the entire series (the two ambushes on the Minerva and the battle against the first Destroy) while they fought ZAFT six times (the two ambushes on the Minerva, Operation Angel Down, the Eternal's flight from the asteroid, the Second Battle of Orb, and the final battle)

Forth, my problem is not with their power. My problem is with their invinciblity. While the Clyne faction would need power to defeat ZAFT, they recieve no losses in the final battle (yes I know that a DOM and a ZAKU get damaged in Final Plus, but that's it.) While extreme power is an aproprate counter for extreme numbers, that does mean that the side with extreme numbers should get some respect and victories. Watch GaoGaiGar FINAL sometime. The main hero, Guy, has an infinate power source, but he still gets hurt and damaged during the fighting, and in the end, he has to sacrifice everything for victory.

Finally, calm down. I'm not trying to insult you here. I'm just staiting the reasons why I believe Lacus to be, as the titile of the thread states, a plot hole character, and why I, personally, don't like her. If you do like her despite, or even because of, all that, more power to you. However, remember the character I described in my earilier post? I just want to know whether, if a character liked that appeared in the next Gundam SEED, you could like her?

Well, could you?
Where did I say Shinn destroying five Destroys wasn't an accomplishment? It was one hell of an accomplishment. HOWEVER, the same technique he used to murder the destroys is probably the single worst thing you can do against high-maneuver smaller suits like Freedom and Justice...let me make a nice little analogy here...if you want to enjoy your soup, you're going to put it in the microwave and heat it up. Are you going to enjoy ice cream the same way? Hell no. While microwaving the soup definitely worked for Shinn (thxing destroys with raargh chop chop), microwaving the ice cream was definitely major no thx (raargh chop chopping freedom and justice).

As for losses, I'm sure the Clyne Faction lost some grunts, just like everyone else did . But as for aces, well, that's what makes them aces. That they DON'T get shot down.
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