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Starts easy, blinking eye av is easy ... use the animation button to move frame by frame. If the picture didnt move.. delete that frame, then move back a frame.. go tru again, until you have 1 noticeable movement per frame.

Unless you making a gif from kyoani production, I dont think you have to delete much frames.

Also, take note how many frames you delete between frames, usually you have to put in some timing lapse so the essences of the animation dont change.. for example, in blinking eyes av, you probably have 5 open eyes frames and 1 closed eye, so you delete 4 open eyes frames, thus requiring you to put some longer delay to the open eyes frame that left.

Usually, 50Kb gif transfer to ~10 frames. Max I've done is 22 frames for under 50K. Pelli made it over ~20 frames as well.. but its really rare, and a pain to boot as well.
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