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Originally Posted by Breidaluk View Post
I'm more interested in see Misaka meeting New Light again.

Changing the topic(again): Do you think Academic City will send a team to help Touma?

"The Freshmen" was formed to fight against "them" so I think their main target is Grenlim and since Touma seems to be the target of this new organization of the magic side they will have to stick with him to have more chances to battle against them.

It would be cool if the board of directors decide to create a new team for this mission. They could be planning on creating a team with the Measure Heart girl+ Umidori+Musujime+ Stephanie gorgeouspalace. And maybe Nayuta will join them as well, althought the probability is very low.
If Nayuta is going to appear in Index, then she'll be carrying the Villain Ball against Accelerator. Another loli in his harem, and he gets Kihara-kun Jr. on his ass as a result.
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