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Originally Posted by leukrota View Post
^ What? a "I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away..." ?

That would be too LOL, I cannot really picture Aleister going like that... Still, it does seem like he's stalled for the time being.

I'm pretty sure it's doable, after all he had done it before...

“There are many different types of heroes. …There are those who aren’t told what to do and just move straight ahead following the feelings welling up within. …There are those who committed a major crime in the past and try to walk down the right path due to the anguish that crime brings them. …And there are those who were chosen by no one and possess none of the characteristics one would expect of a hero and yet become a hero for that one person they care for. Each of those types is the type of person who will always stand back up when knocked to the ground.”


“It seems all three of those types of heroes possess something you do not. As such, it isn’t surprising that you admire them. …After all, at that time, you were only able to fall and lament.”
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