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Originally Posted by LeaD36 View Post
you read the last part of my post aight?
And why would you read one chapter every 40 or so or released? You can't do that with One Piece if you have any hopes of understanding anything that's going on.

Anyway, I have a good feeling Luffy will accept Law's offer. He probably feels like he still owes Law for saving him at Marineford, and as long as it's something that won't get in the way of him becoming the Pirate King, he'll gladly accept any new nakama no matter who they are.

Since it's just a plan to take down ONE of the Yonkou, the alliance will probably only last that long. Then they'll go back to being friendly rivals for the title of Pirate King.

The target will most likely be Big Mom, since she already has Luffy's crew on her hit-list.~
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