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I thought i was the only one to catch that in ch.666 Kurusu, oh well shows how many other ppl there are in the world who can read btwn the lines lol.

Anyway love the idea of a Law and Luffy alliance, they have proven to work good together so far and out of the worst generation these two captains seem to get along the best. However Law is unique and although he is one of my favorite charaters, he is untrustworthy as MarvelB said (its what makes him cool). He also seems to get along with Kid as well though. With Kid already sinking Big Mom ships somewhere in the new world, makes me wonder if Law haven't already went to Kid to form an for thought.

But to get two members of the worst geneneration (potentially three if the Law theory holds out) wonder what kind of personality the emperor has? Can't wait to see although i think Kaido will prove to be a bigger threat for some reason.
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