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Originally Posted by Komari View Post
Ack, it's in Korean. I can't read that at all.

I'll try my best to participate. If it isn't too much to ask, may I have a quick skim of how this tournament works?
Please concern yourself only with the English portions. I do believe all the important things are in English as well

Originally Posted by Zeroryoko1974 View Post
I belive J-Saimoe was first I assume
J-Saimoe usually starts with nomination stage which usually starts before Best Moe. Best Moe's prelim involves every eligible character thus prelim is not needed, but due to time it takes for the staff to check the database, it tends to start little bit after J-Saimoe nomination start. Best Moe usually proceeds in faster pace and ends sooner, for it needs some preparation time for the Super Best Moe that starts in November.
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