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But to clear some things up, several things here are not that right, at least not as far as I remember, so please correct me back if I got something wrong.

Originally Posted by UsagiTenpura View Post
Guy hates his life, hates being the head of the Ushiromiya and hates his wedding.
Then he still has 3 child.
Having children and hating their marriage are not necessarily contradicting each other. He's also not exactly hating his situation, he is just terribly indifferent to it. I remember him saying in Episode 7 that the worst thing was that he didn't hate his wife or children, he just didn't care at all for them. He just did what he did because that was how his life was proceeding.

He also hates every women.
He doesn't hate women. Where does it ever say that?!
He's just of a generation that still regarded men as superior to women, as wrong as this may be, he wasn't alone in his conception of marriage and women at all. He just grew to despise the concept of arranged marriage and arranged in a way it also makes sense to put his children (who he doesn't love) through the same thing.

The daughter he supposedly loves of the women he supposedly loved (while hating everyone else, especially women) he forces to live in seclusion and keeps her more ignorant then an average elementary school student.
For him they are the very same person, when his and Genji's words can be believed. They are both Beatrice (in a very metaphysical sense) and he tries to keep her all to himself.
This also means that he didn't "put her [...] through shit", from his perspective he protected his beloved Beatriiiiiice~ from the world. What happened to his other children was pretty much none of his business.

He hardcore incest/rape Beato-2, however she somehow magicallly remains innocent of the world. Even after giving birth. She then dies after of innocence overdose.
It's not that impossible to believe that Beatrice#2 blocked out the incident of her father (whom she was forbidden to call father) had intercourse with her. She seemed pretty much mentally destroyed when Rosa found her and it could be that she just retreated into a child-like state to escape her reality (like many people in the story do).
We can't even know if it was an accident at all when she tripped and fell. Maybe she commited suicide on purpose...

While he thouht it would be a good idea to keep Beato-2 secretly raised in Kuwadorian forever, he decided to make her own child be adopted by Krauss/Natsuhi. It doesn't work well and the child apparently dies. HE FINDS IT FUNNY.
I agree that it is strange that he wants them to raise the child, but this time his deranged mind wasn't able to draw the same conclusions, as Genji explained. In the case of Beato#2, her mother died when she was born, meaning Kinzo could imagine her soul being transferred directly. The mother of Beato#3, Beato#2, was pretty much alive some time after that, so for him it was a real child at first.
He himself couldn't raise a child without drawing suspicion, so he used that fact that Natsuhi had fertility problems (or maybe it was Krauss) and tried to force it unto her.
He never found it FUNNY at all when the child (apparently) died, he as distraught over the fact that he had to loose someone he loved another time and possibly went down the last few steps to insanity.

He realizes somehow the child is still alive (after going through the same fate as her mother, but somehow miraculously surviving it) and sends it to an orphanage.
The maid dropped down a cliff, not the child (if it happened like that at all and wasn't only a decoy to keep the child from Kinzo). It is not impossible to belive that the body of the maid stopped the child from dying.
And Kinzo never knew that the child had survived until Genji brought Yasu to him, when s/he had solved the epitaph many years later. According to what Genji said, he made Nanjo forge the documents to create a child 2 years younger, who was send to Fukuin and then back to the island. So it was a secret between Kumasawa, him and Nanjo which they kept to keep the tragedy of Beato#2 from repeating itself.

He eventually hires her to work under a false name and let her, whom he supposedly love, be abused by the rest of the family, including Natsuhi/Krauss who he supposedly hate.
He even makes her go through the troubles of doing two shifts at once by the sake of Kanon, cause Kinzo loves more men (not sexually... well as far as we know at least).
Kinzo knew nothing of Yasu's true identity until he met him like explained above and if we consider what we saw (which we should start, considering there's only 1(!!!) Episode left) he died after he had the chance to appologize to all his Beatrices in the form of Yasu.
Why Genji was okay with how they were treated I don't know, but Kumasawa shows how much she regrets it, having to stand by and not being able to do anything. But let's be honest, Shannon is not the only one being maltreated in that house.

He makes her somehow his successor, HOWEVER, he also puts up the epitaph, to give the rest of the family, people he all hate and despise, a chance to become the successor.
He makes her/him his successor after s/he had solved the Epitaph, which was already put up for some month on open display. It was even Genji who had to force Shannon and Kanon (and therefore Yasu) to participate in solving the riddle.
Genji waited for her and showed her to Kinzo, who was surprised and glad he could make someone his successor he cared about. But after Kinzo's death, Yasu announces that he does not care for neither gold nor title, because he never was an Ushiromiya to begin with (and possible other horrible reasons, according to the flashbacks) he keeps the epitaph up and wants to see who will continue the title instead of him.

Then he plans to bomb everyone on the island with a nuke after his own death.
The device was created by him in case he made a wrong decision. They said that it gave him his 'magic powers of chance'. So whenever he made an important monetary decision, he always had in mind that he was able to destroy everything, including his fortune, so he was never affraid to gamble. It's like knowing that you can make any move in a game and if you know it was the wrong one, you just quit.
Any Beatrice was never in danger of being hurt, because the bomb was devised in a way that Kuwadorian would stay unharmed. It would have only been the Ushiromiyas who would have died and the servants at that time and the current Beatrice (#1 or #2) would have survived.

Several of his close friends is aware of most to all of that and they don't mind, and continue to respect him and consider him a truly inteligent person.
I don't know about that respect anymore, because Kumasawa, Genji and Nanjo openly defied his authority when they kept the survival of the child from him. They also said he was a genius, but he was also stark raving mad in his later years (not only then if you ask me). Genji seems to have a connection to him that goes deeper, Kumasawa cares too much for the Beatrices (Shannon said she was like a mother) and Nanjo is terribly greedy (don't know if it's all for his grandchild...I highly doubt it). So they are all more or less chained to Kinzo.

I don't think that it is all so far fetched...considering this is a mystery/detective story and we have to have people with a dark past. If we look back on this genre, Kinzo is a typical father figure of an important household...they all had terrible backgrounds like that, be it with Doyle, Christie, Dine or modern Japanese writers like Ayatsuji, Kyougoku or Orihara...
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