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Bear in mind I've only seen up to ep 10, my Anime Club will be showing the next 10 eps starting this Monday.
Originally Posted by Pellissier
Since it's like all of them are included, I would add Kikyou, Sia's sister, whom appears in the series as well, and has a whole episode dedicated.
If there has been an ep dedicated to her then that seems fair enough.
Originally Posted by Lina Inverse
If you already add Kikyou, you'll need to add Lycoris (Nerine's second ego) as well!
This I'm not to sure since it's still Nerine.
Originally Posted by Furudanuki
I would also like to ask that Benibara-sensei be added to the poll. She certainly had a lot more screen time than Tsubomi!
Benibara? Sorry that's a new name to me, what do others think about this?
Originally Posted by torrencee
not that i will vote for offense...but maybe the handkerchief man too? besides, he does have his own fan club...
Hankerchief Man is a definate no. And that applies to the Panty Pervert Brat as well. Having a "club" isn't the entry qualification
Originally Posted by Furudanuki
xris, thanks for letting us vote for more than one character this time! Salute! We are quite likely going to see some very interesting results - there are probably some characters who were not the first choice for many people that will wind up getting a lot of votes as a second selection.
Exactly, it should make the voting a lot closer and a better idea of who in general are the favourite characters.
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