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Aha, now that is where you are wrong, the whole scene was panned out in order to make us question I feel, but you know if person A falls over and has blood spouting out then you assume he did get hit. In this case that was what literally happened... and then he gets back up. Now, in this sense, you can't very well prove he didn't get hit at the same time, we just don't know, which is what I'm bringing up at this point and that I believe was what was intended for that scene at the time just as how I believe the ending was as well.
... No. The scene zoomed right on into Charles' face as the Geass reached him, but stopped. It did like always, zoom into the face, but at that point, it never showed anymore. It stopped. Pure and simple. The Geassing did not complete because it was not shown to complete. Okham's Razor always defeats straw grasping.
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