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... No. The scene zoomed right on into Charles' face as the Geass reached him, but stopped. It did like always, zoom into the face, but at that point, it never showed anymore. It stopped. Pure and simple. The Geassing did not complete because it was not shown to complete. Okham's Razor always defeats straw grasping.
It reached into and surrounded his eyes and encompassing them and then we end up pulling back. It didn't stop in that scene exactly or it wasn't shown to have stopped, and it didn't get shown to get repelled as in the next time Lelouch tries to Geass him either. By not showing I once again extrapolate that the scene itself was left ambiguous and made for our own interpretation just as the ending would as well. Nothing to say it did work, nothing to say it didn't, and that's the whole point really because you can't be sure because we don't know or can't be sure exactly
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