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Originally Posted by Narona View Post
Yeah, but what I meant was that he's currently seen as a bad president only by a part of the americans, not all; and is not seen as that bad in many other countries.
Yeah, part of the americans don't like him, and another part does. But like I said earlier, people's support counts for nothing. It's support from the media that's everything, and the media doesn't support Obama right now, at least in America.

Originally Posted by Narona View Post
I'll add that some americans should also start to wonder why some things obama is doing is popular aboard. I don't say they should decide things based on that, but at least to think about it instead of believing whatever lies some american medias can put in their mouth (like lying about how healthcare works in some other countries like France. IIRC, a member wrote about it, how some medias lie about how it works in europe).
Well, there are those who probably are wondering, but as long as people are fed information about Obama being bad for the country, they'll believe in that more than outside sources. Like I said earlier as well, it's not the French or the Italians who will vote for the next US president, it'll be the Americans. It's not like foreigners can do much about that.
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