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Originally Posted by Narona View Post
I would rather say that the opinion of many people can change overnight, and sometimes it's not logical. Just like what I said about French and their opinion about chirac.
Yes, it can change overnight because of the influence the media has over people. All it needs is a piece of breaking news, some fabricated evidence decorating the actual fact, and the game's done. That's why I say it's the media's support that means everything.

Originally Posted by Narona View Post
That makes me think. I wonder if the hate towards Bush from the foreign countries played a role when Bush got re-elected. I mean, many americans might not have liked what many foreigners said about Bush and america at that times. Which might have led them to be patriotic and re-vote for him, maybe?
Not quite. The general population did hate Bush but not their governments. For one thing, the UK (and Italy) supported Bush for the longest time, especially the UK. The main reason he got re-elected was because the media diverted people's hatred away from Bush and toward Iraq and Afghanistan (specifically Saddam and Bin Laden), both of whom were once allies of the US. Saddam was placed in Iraq by the CIA, and the US fought alongside Bin Laden to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan in their quest for oil and black marketing. Bush changed the people's opinions of both of them nearly overnight, as you said above. All he needed was a catalyst to produce that hatred. Thus you have 9/11.

Even if you want to believe that Bush was not directly responsible for the attacks, he was still responsible in a way because he had received all sorts of warnings and threats from Bin Laden that they were going to attack him in some way. Bush didn't do anything to stop them. And that's because, as I said, Bush needed a catalyst to divert the hatred away from himself. He needed a scapegoat. The media was his tool, and his used it to his advantage, not to mention he had the military support begotten from being a Republican. Despite the misgivings foreigners had toward Bush, US media supported him and provided people with a diversion.

And don't get me wrong, there were quite a few people in the US against Bush. My old history teacher in France has a friend in Texas who actually saw a road sign poiting toward "Bush Street" and someone spray-painted the word "dictator" before Bush to make it look like "Dictator Bush Street," so it's not as if Bush had undivided support in the US.

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