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Originally Posted by Yoko Takeo View Post
Also, I don't buy that article you showed me about the planes being delicate. Tons of Titanium don't just vaporize into thin air.
Planes are not made of titanium, except for certain parts like the turbine blades. They're made mostly out of aluminium. Not only that but they need to fly, so they're made as light as possible. A crash at over 500 mph is not going to leave much left of one. Here's a video showing a test with an F-4 phantom crashing into a concrete wall at close to the same speed as the planes on 9-11 were flying. Notice how it practically disintegrates upon impact. Planes are not designed to survive high speed impacts.

Also, in America, the ratings were not that bad, I know that. We're referring to Europe and possibly other places more than anything. Bush wanted to obtain more support and decided to provide the people with a common enemy.
You were talking about Bush winning re-election. Why would Bush care what people in Europe think of him? Europeans don't exactly vote in the US.

Originally Posted by Cyrus17 View Post
Afghanistan = pipelines from the former Soviet republics, like Turkmenistan (4th largest natural gas reserves) or Kazakhstan (11th on both gas and oil). It will allow US to control Central Asia.
That's not really about oil then though, is it? It's about political power in the region. However, if the US wanted to go into Afghanistan they really didn't need a 9-11. The Taliban were providing enough of a reason for foreign intervention on their own, considering they were perhaps the single most oppressive regime on the planet at the time.
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