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Originally Posted by Pink Cow View Post
That could actually be a nice running joke if they made Heihachi's eyebrows like Ganryu's. Lol. Of course it would be slightly creepy and gross but... Yeah.

Anyway, speaking about supernatural does Asuka have any? Like Jun? She's just... So normal for a Kazama. D:
Actually Ganryu's eyebrows are quite the same like Mishimas

If you're referring to tranformation power (like Jun turning into Unknown), Asuka doesn't have any. But being a Kazama, she sort of has a "holy power" like Jun. Back in her Tekken 5 ending, she could undo Devil Jin's transformation simply by touching him.

Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
I agree here. They just took the easy way out on Paul after beating Kuma in T5 so he won't advance to the finals. LOL T1 tied with Kazuya, instead of a rematch he faced Kuma1, T2 a multi traffic prevented him for joining tournament, T3 went undefeated, but Orgre morphed into True Orger the tournament continued, T4 he was overconfident and didn't fight Kuma seriously. Truly an unlucky fella, well at least he's popular like Marshall Law and Forest along with Lei and the others that became joke characters as Tekken went on

Well Hworang set on one goal defeating Jin, but not Devil Jin, it was like a surprise attack on him. If Jin can KO normal Kaz and Heihachi in T4 and beat Wang and Jinpachi, I say it's plot armor to his storyline. Dunno about Lars beating him in T6 story campaign mode though. So that means Lars> all Mishima's? I personally didn't like the take on the campaign mode storywise.
Yeah, I was hoping that there would be a special interaction of Paul and Kazuya in TAG2 (since Kazuya is +1 to Paul in relationship chart), but they don't have any special intro scene / win pose / tag throw at all

I'd say that only Mishima capable of defeating a Mishima, that includes everyone. Remember when Heihachi and Kazuya realized that Lars was one of them after they fought Lars since they felt Lars is on par with them.

But I doubt the scenario campaign is canonical, though. In that story Jin could already control the devil gene, while Harada keep saying that only Kazuya could control it.
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